Nunhead Food Assembly

Tritt dieser Schwärmerei bei, um frische Produkte aus Deiner Region zu bestellen. Du verpflichtest Dich zu nichts.

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Diese Erzeuger sind am Sonntag, 21. Januar, dabei

Die Verteilung findet von 10:30-12:00 Uhr statt
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21 miles

Brockmans Farm Produce

Garlinge Green ist 49 miles von der Schwärmerei entfernt

Kale, Mixed Leaf
Sprout Tops

Perinelli Salami

London ist 3 miles von der Schwärmerei entfernt


Hodmedod Ltd

Halesworth ist 91 miles von der Schwärmerei entfernt

Red Haricot Beans
Whole Dried Fava Beans
Baked British Beans
Caz Hattam
Gastgeber der Schwärmerei

Hello and welcome to your local Nunhead Food Assembly, the longest-running Assembly in the UK (est. Sept 2014).
Every member creates a stronger network to help support local food producers and farmers and make sure they get a fair price for their goods.

We launch our online market every fortnight, each time you'll find something different as the seasons change and we add in new producers and product lines.

Organic vegetables, fruit and eggs, free-range meat and dairy products, sustainably-caught fish, bread, cakes, artisan teas, kombucha, curry kits and dried goods, beer and ales, raw honey and jam: an Assembly aims to have it all.

If you are connected with any local foodmakers you think would like to work with us, do let us know.

By signing up you can enjoy coming and meeting our producers. As you'll be buying directly this means you can build up a relationship with some of the most important people in your life, those who feed you! But without the supermarket middle men in the way or long markets to attend, this also allows for producers to save money and time helping them get a better deal, with no food wastage.

Our Assemblies are held in the beautiful cooperatively owned pub, The Ivy House, Stuart Road, Nunhead which I'm sure is familiar to many of you. It provides the perfect spot to have a regular meet up with the rest of the community whilst also tasting new samples of our latest products.

Enjoy a new way to eat better and to support local agriculture and specialist producers from your neighbourhood.

Thanks for joining us,

Warum Mitglied einer Schwärmerei werden?

  • Du bekommst frische, saisonale Lebensmittel, die wirklich aus Deiner Region stammen.
  • Du gehst keine Verpflichtungen ein und kaufst nur, wann und worauf Du Lust hast.
  • Du förderst aktiv kleine Erzeuger, faire Preise und eine nachhaltige Lebensmittelproduktion.
  • Du triffst die Menschen, die Dein Essen machen. Und wenn Du willst, auch Deine Nachbarn.

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