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Mike And Steph

The time has come to launch the market for our last collection of the summer, our last Leith Food Assembly, after almost 3 years of saying "aye" to local! Our last collection which will take place at Quay Commons on Monday 30th July from 6 pm to 7 pm.

We would like to take this opportunity to say a big thank you to all our collaborators, producers, other volunteers and members for building this small community with good, local food at the centre over the past 3 years and Stuart, Will and David for founding Leith Food Assembly back in 2015, the first of its kind in Scotland.

Special mentions go to Jimmy from Cyrenians Farm who does all our Monday night deliveries and who has been loyally at all our collections since the founding night of Leith Food Assembly; Jess for volunteering regularly with us on Monday nights, and to all the staff at Quay Commons and Jeremiah’s Taproom who let us use their lovely establishments as a venue for our collections.

We also want to thank you - our regular customers - who have continued to support us, despite the sometimes difficult logistics that an alternative food network can encounter. We understand it's often not the easiest way to buy your food, but in creating these small networks and communities it's a small, but tangible start to building a vision of what a Good Food Nation could look like for Scotland - we will miss you all!

Rob from Cyrenians Farm will be continuing to supply veg bags to customers, and is working on ideas for creating a local Leith food hub, possibly porting elements of ‘Leith Food Assembly’ over to an alternative platform such as the Open Food Network, although this is all in the early stages of planning - when we hear any updates, we will let you know!

Our Leith Food Assembly website platform will still stay open until the end of September when Food Assembly Head Office shuts the UK Food Assembly platform, which will affect over 75 Food Assemblies. Until then, the platform can be used as a message board forum, so please do feel free to share your local food events with the community.

In the meantime, please do support our producers by stocking up on your favourite local food from our final market selection, the market will shut at midnight on Saturday 28th July 2018. Buy here:

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