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Sepideh Ardalani

Welcome to the Hackney Wick Food Assembly page!

Firstly, thank you and congratulations on signing up to help change the UK's food economy for the better. These are the things you have helped to happen by wanting to shop through the Food Assembly:

1) You get to have access to truly local and brilliant quality food in Hackney Wick and get to meet the people who make them

2) The farmers know how much they’ve sold in advance meaning they save time and money

3) The producers takes over 80% of the sales as opposed to under 10% when sold in a supermarket.

4) They don’t have any wasted food as they only bring what has been sold

So when does this happen?

Every Wednesday between 5:30-7:30PM at Number 90 Bar & Kitchen in Hackney Wick

If there is anything you would like to see happen or you have an event you would like to happen at the same time, just contact me and I'll put it forward to everyone involved. Artists, music, performers, talks - you name it. If you have any feedback at all from being a member of the Food Assembly then also get in touch. We want to make this as enjoyable, efficient and useful as possible. It will almost be impossible without your thoughts!

We hope you'll find this a great and convenient way to buy truly local food, supporting your local farmers and helping local businesses.

Massimo (The Hackney Wick Food Assembly Host)



Instagram: HackneyWickFA

Your Food Assembly is coming soon!

This Assembly is under construction and will open shortly. Register to be notified of the next sale.