Oban - The Rockfield Centre

Katie Ritchie & Amanda Anderson

Welcome to Oban Food Assembly, a weekly 'click and collect' farmers market enabling you to shop for quality food and drink from small local producers.
Each week producers will list their available products enabling you to do a one stop shop from a variety of producers.
Your products can then be collected on;
Thursdays between 4pm - 6pm from the Rockfield Centre, Oban
It's a great way to get genuine fresh local produce and discover the variety of amazing products we have on our doorstep.
Each week the producers will bring their goods to Rockfield for you to collect, so you can meet the farmers and food makers face to face and talk about their products and processes.
Shopping at the Oban Food Assembly will allow you to reduce food miles, cut out unnecessary packaging and support small local producers and the local economy.
We look forward to meeting you.

Your Food Assembly is coming soon!

This Assembly is under construction and will open shortly. Register to be notified of the next sale.