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Healthy & Affordable
Healthy & Affordable started Healthy & Affordable in 2013. Their farm is located in Amsterdam, Noord-Holland.

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We know you've missed us but we've been working hard and now we have new products, in new sustainable packaging, and designed by a new and bigger crew. For us it was worth the wait, hope you'll enjoy!

Thank you very much for your patience, understanding, and awesomeness. We are looking forward to see you all. You can find us at De Ceuvel, AmstelKwartier, De Pijp, and Zuidas.

Healthy & Affordable is a social business with the purpose of saving food in the Netherlands, more precisely in Amsterdam, and is working with the Food Circle creating a big network of entrepreneurs to save food. Growing bigger and bigger, we are a team of amazing and enthusiastic people determined to fight against food waste in Amsterdam. :)

All the big changes begin with small actions. Our big mission is to save 1 million ton of food waste by the end of 2018. To accomplish this goal, we have the determination and the ambition to go around shops and markets within the city and to save the surplus they have before they throw it away.

Healthy & Affordable has already saved tons of food such as bread, nuts, fruits, and vegetables. And we have many new product ideas involving them!

During the last two years, Healthy & Affordable has partnered with many organizations to try and increase our impact. And you're a part of the team! Thank you for your help to save the food, by eating it! We are nothing without you and your support!

NOTE: Those in the description are just the minimum recommended prices. We are a social enterprise and you are not buying our products, but donating money for our cause and get our products in exchange. :)

As usual, in case you want to reach us, Coby is there for you at +31642979456 :)

Take care, and see you in a bit!

Vlaardingenlaan 600 BIS
1062 HM Amsterdam
Established in
full-time employee

Healthy & Affordable's professions and practices


The flour is produce by myself

I use heritage varieties

Other ingredients

The other ingredients used are : fruits

My ingredients come from a local farmer

Handmade ingredients


I use natural yeast


Electric oven

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