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Coffee Roaster, Delivery driver, Tienen
Joëlle Hauglustaine
Interested by Alcoholic beverages, home and care & coffee, tea and infusions in Vlaams Gewest? Theses products are sold by DRAGON ROAST in Assemblies.

Alcoholic beverages

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M&T Avocat au café
WA Avocat au café

Home and Care

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M&T 100 filtres à thé + le stick réutilisable
Theefilters TeaCup (60 stuks met bamboe-houder)
Filters (60 stuks) en houder ONECUP
M&T le Filter Stick réutilisable (4pcs)

Coffee, tea and infusions

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Handmade In Belgium
Koffie Proefpakket MEDIUM 'Origines' Dragon Roast 300g (GEMALEN)
Handmade In Belgium
M&T Café Ethiopia Yirgacheffe moulu (origine)
M&T Infusion fruits/aux herbes Fruity Banana
Handmade In Belgium
M&T Infusion fruits Apple (pomme)

Hampers and Baskets

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Handmade In Belgium
🎁 'Cadeau' plank : lokaal! : Dragon Roast - Brut Gemaakt