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What's Growing On

Urban farmer, Amsterdam
Miikka Puikkonen
Miikka Puikkonen started What's Growing On in 2019. Their farm is located in Amsterdam, Noord-Holland.

Their farm

I am Miikka Puikkonen from Finland and I started this urban microgreens farm called What's Growing On in the beginning of 2019. Along with my wife Carolina, we grow these tiny shoots to provide to the community one of the highest nutritional value vegetables they could put in their mouths.

The urban farm is located in South West Amsterdam. We grow our microgreens on a mixture of coir dust, perlite (volcanic stone) and regular soil; filtered tap water is the only ingredient we use to make them grow.

But What's Growing On does not live by microgreens alone. Nowadays, our company has expanded its borders and it has incorporated some fermented vegetables like sauerkraut and vegan kimchi.

As a former chef, I know the importance of taste, texture and quality in general that the customer expects; however, I am also aware of the environmental concerns we face nowadays. Consequently, What's Growing On doesn't use any disposal plastic in the packaging nor in the production process. No mention we don't use any kind of fertiliser, pesticide or preservative. Our mission is just to bring a fresh but also a wholesome and live food to our neighbours, allowing them to enjoy the benefits of a healthy nutrition.

Currently we sell our products to a few restaurants around Amsterdam but we consider it's time to introduce them to our neighbours so they can enjoy these delicatessen in their own kitchen as well.

Maassluisstraat 378
1062 GS Amsterdam
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What's Growing On's professions and practices


It's a food project, It's an environmental project, It's an urban project

Specific social practices : not specified


5 species grown each year

I grow using trays

I grow indoors


I use of mineral materials (pozzolan, rock wool...), I use of organic materials (coconut fibre...)

My ingredients come from an EU supplier, My ingredients come from a non-EU supplier, My ingredients come from a local farmer

Maintenance of cultures

I follow permaculture guidelines


I don't process my products

Other ingredients : not specified

Origin of other ingredients : not specified

Features of the other ingredients : not specified


We use filtered and PH tested water to irrigate our microgreens.

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