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Ijshoeve De Boey

Ice-cream maker, Dairy, Dairy farmer, Sint-Gillis-Waas
Marc De Boey
Interested by Yogurts & soft white cheese, milk & ice creams & sorbets in Vlaams Gewest? Theses products are sold by Ijshoeve De Boey in Assemblies.

Yogurts & Soft white cheese

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Volle Natuur Yoghurt van A2A2 melk
1 liter verse hoevemelk
1 liter A2A2 hoevemelk

Ice Creams & Sorbets

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IJsfrisco (per stuk)
IJsbuche Vanille-Mokka 8 personen
IJsbuche Vanille-Chocolade 8 personen
IJsbuche Vanille 8 personen