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10 km

Noa Deliveries

Douglas, 0 km away from this Food Assembly

CASTLETOWN - Town Hall Drop Off
Peel Drop Off - Philip Christian Centre

Andreas Meat Co

Andreas, 20 km away from this Food Assembly

Manx Cumberland Rings
Manx Dry Cured Bacon
Manx Pork & Leek Sausages


Andreas, 20 km away from this Food Assembly

Super Sweet Brocolli
=Spinach Chard=
Grainne Joughin
Food Assembly organiser

Hello and welcome to Food Assembly Isle of Man!

With our rolling hills, fresh sea air and plentiful rain, the Island plays home to some of the best produce in Britain. And here at Food Assembly Isle of Man, we are committed to getting that produce into your homes and onto your dinner tables.

Every week you'll be able to find the best Manx food and drink sourced directly from the farmers and producers. With meat, eggs, vegetables, pies, spices, soft drink and much more on offer, you're sure to find something special.

So get that basket filled and come join us for our first ever Food Assembly IOM at Noa Bakehouse on Wednesday 16th March 17.00 - 19.00. Collect your order, meet the people who make it all possible and enjoy some drinks and snacks highlighting our esteemed producers!

See you soon food lovers!

Why join The Food Assembly?

  • Eat the most delicious and freshest food in your area. Locally sourced and more transparent, the average distance of food travelled is only 28 miles!
  • No commitment to buy and joining is free. Sharing recipes and cooking tips with your neighbours is just an extra bonus.
  • Our food producers are passionate about growing and making your food, that's why we pay them over 80% for their work, in comparison to 20-50% from supermarkets.
  • We are about real people and real food: when you pick up your order, you get to connect with your community and food in a healthier way.

Join your local food community now!