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Here's a selection of last week's products

16 miles

Middleware Catering

Rhydargaeau, 5 miles away from this Food Assembly

Bread: Plaited loaf - 100% wholemeal
Biscuits: Shortbread biscuits (gluten-free)
Cake: Lemon drizzle cake slices

Jin Talog

Talog, 6 miles away from this Food Assembly

Jin Talog

lleucu's cakes

Llanpumsaint, 6 miles away from this Food Assembly

Cookies - Triple Chocolate
Bakewell Tart - Apple
Mini Muffin - Triple Chocolate

Product pick-up

Thursday, 17:30-19:00
Xcel Bowl
xcel bowl, Llansteffan Road
SA31 3BP Johnstown
Carrie Laxton

Welcome to our Assembly. We started up and opened our first online market on 31st March 2017 and have grown and grown! We are very excited about bringing local producers and local buyers together in this easy to use online format and have been really encouraged by the enthusiasm of everyone involved. We now have an extensive range of lovely local produce which varies from week to week depending on seasonal availability. Most weeks we have well over 350 products to chose from...eggs, breads, cakes, beers, cheeses, meats, organic vegetables, milk, cream, jams, pickles, sauerkrauts, ciders, gins, quiches, charcuterie and a good range of Gluten Free and Vegan produce. Come and meet the producers and other like-minded buyers and be part of a new way to eat well and know where your food comes from, and at the same time know you are supporting local agriculture and food production. Buying in this way also helps to reduce waste as the orders are made in advance so only what is needed gets picked or baked to fill your order.
If you know of any producers who might like to be involved, please ask them to get in contact: we are looking to expand to include as much variety as we can.
If you would like us to try to source a particular product, please let us know. Our producers are open to suggestions and have tailor made lots of products to suit individual needs.
If you would like to help out on a regular or occasional basis, please let me know.

Why join The Food Assembly?

  • Eat the most delicious and freshest food in your area. Locally sourced and more transparent, the average distance of food travelled is only 28 miles!
  • No commitment to buy and joining is free. Sharing recipes and cooking tips with your neighbours is just an extra bonus.
  • Our food producers are passionate about growing and making your food, that's why we pay them over 80% for their work, in comparison to 20-50% from supermarkets.
  • We are about real people and real food: when you pick up your order, you get to connect with your community and food in a healthier way.

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