Berwickshire Food Assembly

Award-winning food community bringing you the best produce from your local farmers and foodmakers

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Here's a selection of last week's products

8 miles

Phantassie Food

East Linton, 22 miles away from this Food Assembly

Organic Medium Eggs
Organic Phantassie All Purpose Potatoes
Organic Farm Milled Flour - Strong White Bread

Peelham Farm

Eyemouth, 4 miles away from this Food Assembly

Organic Pork and Chive Burger
Organic Red Wine Salami
Organic Pork Leg Steaks

My Coldingham Kitchen

Coldingham, 2 miles away from this Food Assembly

All Butter Luxury Shortbread Selection
Luxury Homemade Scottish Borders Tablet
Fruit, Coconut & Oat Cookies
Jamie Brown
Food Assembly organiser

People of Berwickshire, welcome to Eyemouth Food Assembly!

We're a click and collect, online farmers' market. Let's get together to buy the best food available, directly from local farmers and food makers.

Order weekly or just whenever you fancy a change from the supermarket. Collection is Wednesday between 18:00 and 19:00.

Susie's father and Jamie's grandfather was born into farming at Fleurs Farm near Coldingham. Moving back to the area 15 years ago, they now host the Eyemouth Food Assembly, along with running food company Jarvis Pickle.

The Food Assembly gives established businesses a new platform for meeting customers, and encourages new local food makers to startup. Never mind giving everyone an excuse to come try some delicious local food!

Why join The Food Assembly?

  • Eat the most delicious and freshest food in your area. Locally sourced and more transparent, the average distance of food travelled is only 28 miles!
  • No commitment to buy and joining is free. Sharing recipes and cooking tips with your neighbours is just an extra bonus.
  • Our food producers are passionate about growing and making your food, that's why we pay them over 80% for their work, in comparison to 20-50% from supermarkets.
  • We are about real people and real food: when you pick up your order, you get to connect with your community and food in a healthier way.

Join your local food community now!