Stirling - Stirling High School

Forth Environment Link Team -
Responsable de la Colmena

Welcome to Forth Environment Link's Food Assembly for Stirling. Here you will find a variety of great products direct from quality farms and producers. Vegetables, fruit, meat, eggs, dairy products, bread and preserves, raw cakes, small batch hand roasted coffee, even cured seafood once a month! Come and meet the producers and and enjoy a new way to eat well while supporting local agriculture and food producers.
Forth Environment Link hopes that this kind of food shopping will connect people better with the seasons, their local food producers and their environment, thus appreciating the real value of food! We hope you will enjoy your food more, and that connecting with its source will help prevent food waste! Not to mention food miles.

Esta Colmena está en proceso de construcción

Esta Colmena está en proceso de construcción y no tardará en abrir sus puertas. Inscríbete para mantenerte informado de la próxima venta.