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Le jeudi entre 16:00 et 18:00

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jeudi, 16:00-18:00
Hook Norton Brewery
Brewery Lane
OX15 5NY Hook Norton
Zindzi C
Responsable de la Ruche

Do you love the idea of buying local food from producers right on your doorstep? Would you like to know exactly where you food is coming from?

Well, we have very exciting news for you! In the coming months, we will be launching a Food Assembly in Hook Norton. It will be a first for North Oxfordshire.

The Food Assembly brings together people in our community to buy local food, drink, and other supplies directly from local producers. The local produce is sold online where you - members of our community - can pre-order and pay for what you would like to pick up from a weekly collection point.

At the heart of The Food Assembly is an amazing network of local people who are passionate about bringing local supplies to their community.

Hook Norton Brewery has kindly agreed to be our host for the weekly collection and our proposed time slot is currently 16:00 - 18:00 (possibly 16:30-18:30 dependent on feedback) on Thursdays from the Visitors Centre.

We have just started to contact local producers and speak to locals about being customers.

Once we have signed up enough suppliers (at least 30 and preferably more), and customers, (we need around 100), we will launch the Hooky Food Assembly.

Please contact us on hookyfoodassembly@gmail.com with ideas or suggestions or follow our news on Instagram or the Incredible Edible Hooky Facebook group.

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